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Useful Links


Muthén  & Muthén, statmodel.com
Mplus Users Guide (PDF)

UCLA Academic Technology Services Statistical Computing
Resources to help you learn and use Mplus
Singer & Willer ALDA (2003) examples
Making an Mplus data file from Stata or SAS or SPSS

Mplus intro how-to (Penn State Population Research Institute)

Using Mplus from Stata, R, SPSS and SAS

Stata and Mplus

SPSS and Mplus
N2MPLUS is a free Windows software program from Daniel Soper that converts Excel and SPSS files into Mplus-compatible datasets and syntax. I have't used it but it looks very nice

SAS and Mplus
SAS code to call the use Mplus software directly within SAS (Dan McNeish)

R and Mplus
MplusAutomation by Michael Hallquist. Link via statamodel.com
Longitudinal Data Analysis

A terrific intro paper on growth mixture modeling by Tony Jung and K. A. S. Wickram

Rens van de Schoot, Marit Sijbrandij, Sonja D. Winter, Sarah Depaoli & Jeroen K. Vermunt (2016): The GRoLTS-Checklist: Guidelines for Reporting on Latent Trajectory Studies, Structural Equation Modeling

Osborne's Exploratory Factor Analysis text

Item Response Theory

IRT Models in Mplus (www.statmodel.com)

IRT mini-turorial and Frank Baker's online IRT text from EdRes.org

Structural Equation Modeling

Jason Newsom's web page and the GSA Measurement and Research Methods Interest Group page

Alak Acock's guidelines for reporting Structural Equation Models, with references

SEMNET FAQ (structural equation modeling listserv)


Organize your workflow using J. Scott Long's recommendations


Advanced Psychometrics Methods Workshop (Friday Harbor Psychometrics)

Software and Utilities

TextPad text editor, and instructions for linking with Stata from Friedrich Huebler.  (Windows only)

Smartdraw is a nice line drawing program for making path diagrams

Copy file name from bullzip.com (Windows only)

Aurora from elevatorlady.ca provides a tool for preparing LaTeX equations in [MS/Open] Office documents (Windows only)