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Mac Users

We are not MAC users. Some of our colleagues are. Here are some tools and resources for MAC users. 

Be sure to follow the installation and getting started procedures as instructed in this document from Statmodel.com


    pwdcd, mkdirrmdir, ls, ditto, exit, find, grep, cat and perhaps chroot

    See this link from IU too.

File explorer
muCommander is pretty nice. Includes path copying, two-panel/two-folder view.

Text editor
You will need a plain text editor. I do believe TextEdit is what ships with MAC OS X. This is what you should use to edit INP files.

I found this video and these instructions on youtube, using TextWrangler (web site says it is free 7/30/2011). Looks very handy, especially if you could figure out how to link to mpdemo.

Mplus graphs
Without the Mplus/GUI, the Mplus PLOT features are not accessible. But, you can get at them via R. See here. Apparently Windows users can make use of these functions too. Cool!