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Measurement Models

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All downloads as one zip file (zip)

Slide Sets
Day 1 Slides: Introduction to SEM and Mplus (Slides PDF; Handout PDF)
supplemental slides: one-pager on Mplus parameter arrays (PDF)
supplemental slides: Path diagrams, equations, and Mplus code or (PDF)
Day 2 Slides: IRT models in Mplus (Slides PDF; Handout PDF)
supplemental slides: IRT, Information, and Reliability (PDF)
supplemental slides: An empirical item analysis of EPESE MSQ data (PDF)
Day 3 Slides: Non-uniform differential item functioning and special modeling features (Slides PDF; Handout PDF)

Examples: Mplus Command Files and Data Files
(Note all OUTput PDFs are embedded in slide sets above)
 Example  Description  INP  DAT
 1  ex0100  Display sample statistics  ex0100.inp  ex0101.dat
   ex0101  Exploratory factor analysis  ex0101.inp  ex0101.dat
   ex0102  Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA)  ex0102.inp  ex0101.dat
   ex0103  Bifactor model  ex0103.inp  ex0101.dat
   ex0105  CFA with covariates  ex0105.inp  ex0101.dat
   ex0106  CFA with covariates & modindices  ex0106.inp  ex0101.dat
 2  ex0200  CFA with categorical indicators  ex0200.inp  ex0200.dat
   ex0200a  MIMIC Model (CFA with covariates)  ex0200a.inp  ex0201.dat
   ex0200b  CFA with covariates, standardized  ex0200b.inp  ex0201.dat
   ex0201a  MIMIC  ex0201a.inp  ex0201.dat
   ex0201b  MIMIC, direct effect, savedata = difftest  ex0201b.inp  ex0201.dat
   ex0201c  MIMIC, analysis  = difftest  ex0201c.inp  ex0201.dat
 3  ex0301  Non-uniform DIF, multiple group CFA   ex0301.inp  ex0201.dat
   ex0301a  Non-uniform DIF, MLR missing data  ex0301a.inp ex0301a.dat 
   ex0301b  Non-uniform DIF, LV interaction  ex0301b.inp  ex0201.dat
   ex0302  Complex sampling weights  ex0302.inp  ex0302.dat
   ex0303  Confirmatory factor mixture model  ex0303.inp  ex0303.dat
   ex03052  Exploratory factor mixture model  ex03052.inp  ex03052.dat
   ex0401  CFA with Bayesian estimation  ex0401.inp  ex0401.dat
Notes: DIF, differential item functioning; LV, latent variable; MIMIC, multiple indicators, multiple causes; 

Examples: R/Lavaan 
APGAR Score analysis (RMD code for drawing ICCs) (RMD)

Data in other formats:
MSQ data from EPESE (SAV, SAS7BDAT, DTA, CSV [msq3-msq9 site id male age white educ])
CESD data from EPESE (SAV, SAS7BDAT, DTA, CSV [sad blues depress happy enjoy hopeful age male educ site id black white])

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