LVM Workshop

Dates/time: 7/12-7/14/2022 10am-3pm EDT

Location: Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

2023 Registration

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About the LVM Workshop

We offer two workshops on latent variable methods using Mplus and R/lavaan.

  • In odd-numbered years we offer a three day workshop covering measurement models including factor analysis, item response theory, latent class analysis, and measurement non-invariance or differential item functioning detection. See a description of the topics covered here (next offered July 2023).

  • In even-numbered years we offer a three day workshop on longitudinal data analysis including latent growth curve models, random effect models, latent difference score models, and survival analysis. See a description of the topics covered here. (Next offered July 2024).

Both workshops are targeted at novice to beginning users and include introductory material on latent variable modeling and the basics of using Mplus software, or the lavaan package in R. We cover how to use Mplus software interactively, as well as using Mplus via Stata and R. The workshop involves lecture and lab sessions where attendees practice running models on their own computers. Practice data and example problems (capable of being estimated with the Mplus demo version) are provided.

Workshop fee

The 2023 workshop fee is $525. A reduced fee for Brown students, faculty and staff, and recent alumni ($225 registration fee).

Recordings and downloads of prior conferences are freely available

Visit the downloads page for workshop materials. Visit the recordings page to view recordings of prior workshops.

Contact us

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