mpex.ado (and inp2rmp.ado)

mpex.ado runs examples from the Mplus user’s guide.

It's a rough but ready ado. Needs some fixing but might be useful to people now. So I am making this post. You might find this useful for testing out a new twist on an example presented in the user’s guide. If mpex.ado won’t run on your machine, you might have to make an adjustment to your copy to find the path for the Mplus users guide examples.

Use example:

. mpex 3.1 , clear

What this example does:

  • Transform the C:\Program Files\Mplus\Mplus Examples\User's Guide Examples\ex.3.1.inp
  • Into a runmplus command (returned result as r(runmplus))
  • Load ex.3.1.dat (the clear option removes data in memory)
  • Send the processed command to runmplus
  • Display the results
  • Ex.3.1.dat is now the data in memory

Bugs and issues:

  • No help
  • Should have path to examples set in
  • Should write out a do file that does the infile and runmplus command
  • Won’t do what runmplus won’t do (like WIDETOLONG)
  • Won’t work on a MAC (but path fix in would fix that)


  • inp2rmp.ado (also mine)
  • lstrfun.ado (not mine – ssc)
  • and of course runmplus and Mplus

Get 'em:

Install 'em:

These need to be copied and stored in your



folders, respectively