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The 2008 Workshop Focused on Exploratory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Factor Analysis with Discrete Outcomes, Item Response Theory, Differential Item Functioning, and the MIMIC (Multiple Indicators, Multiple Causes) model and approach to measurement noninvariance. We also briefly touched on factor mixture models.

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Slides and Handouts * (Updated July 27, 2008) *

Day 1 Handouts

Day 2 Handouts

Day 3 Handouts

Data files

Depression data (CSV) and README from the EPESE New Haven study

Cognitive Function data (CSV) and README from the EPSEE (all sites)

A data file (also CSV but with a DAT extension) used in example for complex survey weights from the HRS

Modified depression data for Example 3.3

Mplus input files for examples (all are INP files)

Day 1 Examples (use depression data)

Example 1.1 Exploratory factor analysis (EFA)

Example 1.2 Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA)

Example 1.3 EFA in a CFA framework

Example 1.5 CFA with covariates: MIMIC model

Example 1.6 MIMIC model with direct effect

Day 2 Examples (Most use Cognitive Function data)

Example 2.1 MIMIC model

Example 2.1.a MIMIC model, open arrays for direct effects and SAVEDATA

Example 2.1.b MIMIC model with direct effect

Example 2.1.c MIMIC DIFFTEST

Day 3 Examples

Example 3.1 Multiple Group CFA of MSQ

Example 3.99 Missing data trick for non-uniform DIF

Example 3.2 Using Complex Sampling Weights

Example 3.3 Confirmatory Factor Mixture Model with Covariates and zero class (see output as ppt)