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Day 1 - Handouts, slides (zip) plus this file (update 7/29/2009)

Day 2 - Handouts, slides (zip)

Day 3 - Handouts, slides (pdf)

Note: Some fonts do not translate correctly in the Handouts. I will work on fixing this. The slides don't seem to have this problem. - RNJ 8/3/09


Day 1

ex01-01.inp, ex01-01.dat

ex01-02.inp, ex01-02.dat

ex01-03.inp, ex01-03.dat

ex01-04.inp, ex01-04.dat also ex01-04a.inp

ex01-05.inp, (uses ex01-04.dat) ex01-05a.inp

Day 2

all inp and dat in one file (zip)


ex02-02.inp, ex02-02.dat


ex02-03a.inp, ex02-03a.dat

ex02-03b.inp , ex02-03b.dat



ex02-06.inp, ex02-06.dat



ex02-09a.inp, ex02-09a.dat

ex02-09b.inp, ex02-09b.dat

ex02-09c.inp, ex02-09c.dat

ex02-09d.inp, ex02-09d.dat

ex02-11a.inp, ex02-11a.dat


Day 3

all inp and dat in one file (zip) (note: not updated)

ex03-01.inp, ex03-01.dat (update 7/31/2009)

ex03-02.inp, ex03-02.dat

ex03-03.inp, ex03-03.dat

ex03-05.inp, ex03-05.dat

ex03-06.inp, ex03-06.dat

ex03-07.inp, ex03-07.dat

ex03-8.inp, ex03-8.dat

ex03-8b.inp, ex03-8b.dat

ex03-8c.inp, ex03-8c.dat

An inp example for accelerated design using MG approach

(note: consider using TYPE=RANDOM TSCORES instead)

An input example for a multilevel growth model (inp)

(note: compare to day 3 slide 125)

An input example for a piecewise model

(note: aside from retest effect models, we did not talk about piecewise

growth curve modeling. See Mplus users guide example 6.11 for a piecewise

model specification).